Introducing TimberBase...the World Wood Network of Lumber Buyers and Sellers

Selling, buying, and tracking lumber and building materials throughout the globe presents many challenges. Antiquated platforms, repetitive tasks, and multiple phone calls make it difficult to focus on growing your business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable digital platform to bring timber trading confidently into the next generation? 

Welcome to TimberBase, the industry’s most advanced B2B sales platform, connecting thousands of buyers and sellers worldwide. It’s an online marketplace delivering a wide array of lumber and building materials, as well as valuable market insights, all while simplifying transactions. The easy-to-use platform incorporates automation and creates efficiencies throughout the process.

TimberBase is where buyers and sellers meet. Uniting global markets and automating international transactions, the digital platform brings procurement and logistics to the highest possible level. The integrated features are intuitive and reliable, and everyone benefits from immediate, real-time market opportunities. You can quickly and easily create standardized requests, customize bidding, and capitalize on package deals. TimberBase gives users complete visibility and trackability through every step of the process, minimizing delays and surprises.

No matter your location, size, or product interests, TimberBase is the go-to source for trusted, reliable, global transactions in the ever-evolving world of wood products. Key benefits include:

With a truly global reach, TimberBase, backed by UFP Industries, can leverage relationships with customers and mills to bring more buyers and sellers together. Our size and scope allow us to offer a high volume of wood products in a wide range of grades, species, and dimensions.

Reach new audiences and grow your business. TimberBase makes all this possible through a simplified and accelerated digital platform.

Do you have questions or want to hear more about how TimberBase can help you? Get in touch with us for a quick demo!

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