How does TimberBase connect lumber buyers and sellers?

First, who is TimberBase?

TimberBase is the industry’s most advanced business-to-business (B2B) online lumber sales platform, connecting thousands of buyers and sellers worldwide. We are an online trading platform delivering a wide array of lumber and building materials, all while simplifying transactions. The easy-to-use application incorporates automation and creates efficiencies throughout the process, confidently modernizing the timber industry.

What makes TimberBase not just different, but better?

The world is rapidly changing, and TimberBase is reinventing the trading activities of the global timber industry. Our mission is to be the leading global B2B online marketplace for buying and selling lumber and building materials.

Purchased from a German tech startup in 2023, the TimberBase platform has been upgraded with a more intuitive interface. Backed by UFP Industries, TimberBase can leverage relationships with customers and mills to bring more buyers and sellers together. Our size and scope allow us to offer a high volume of wood products in a wide range of species, grades, and dimensions.

Whether you’re buying or selling, TimberBase is the go-to source for trusted and reliable global transactions. Buyers can request quotes and receive customized offers and package deals to meet their needs related to OEM wood components and packaging raw materials, as well as access to a wide range of lumber and building materials.

Sellers and mills can post offers to our large network of customers that are qualified as users of TimberBase. And everyone enjoys complete transparency over the process, all while minimizing delays and surprises with real-time order tracking.

How does TimberBase connect buyers and sellers?
TimberBase connects buyers and sellers with a broad portfolio of lumber and building material products in an automated, easy-to-use platform with several major advantages:

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Live chat function for immediate assistance and expert guidance
  • Ability to quickly and easily create and accept order requests
  • The scale of UFP Industries’ sourcing advantage with access to valuable wood baskets throughout the world
  • TimberBase also provides unique advantages for buyers as we are consistently finding and qualifying new supplier partners throughout the world
  • In the past, trading in the commercial lumber industry has primarily been via phone and email. Now it will be conducted ultra-efficiently online.

Here are some specific advantages of using the TimbeBase platform:

Stay informed and manage your orders and offers efficiently from a centralized and user-friendly dashboard.


Request a Quote
Easily request customized quotes for your lumber requirements tailored to your needs.


Receive / Post Offers
Receive competitive offers quickly and easily, thanks to our global network of suppliers. Suppliers can post offers and gain access to our qualified customer base around the world.


View and Track Orders
Monitor your orders in real-time, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Access to Products
Explore our extensive lumber and building materials catalog with a wide range of grades, species, and dimensions.


Live Chats with TimberBase Representatives
Connect with our representatives through live chat for immediate assistance and expert guidance.

Live Chats

Ready to learn more?
If you have questions or want to learn more about how TimberBase connects buyers and sellers as well as saves time and money, get in touch with us today for a quick, no-obligation demo!

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