Price list of Timber Base Marketplace Service​

1. Marketplace, infrastructure and brokerage service

1. Timber Base GmbH offers participants a marketplace where they can trade or buy and sell timber products (“Direct” model). Defined in the General Terms and Conditions for the use of the marketplace.

2. Timber Base provides participants in the “Direct” model with the agency service and the infrastructure for presenting their products for sale and purchase. 

3. A commission entitlement for Timber Base arises in the event of an effective conclusion of a contract between the participants. The seller owes Timber Base the commission.

4. The commission entitlement is based on the total invoiced amount. In addition to the timber sales price, this may also include services, e.g. for logistics or additional services. 

5. The commission is calculated per sales contract or transaction as follows from the invoice amount:

Invoice amount
0 - 50,000 EUR
50,001 - 150,000 EUR
> 150,001 EUR
Commission %
2.5 %
2.0 %
1.5 %
Commission EUR
0 - 1,250 EUR
1,000 - 3,000 EUR
> 2,250 EUR

6. In addition to the commission, Timber Base may invoice for other services provided (logistics organization, document preparation, etc.).

2. Invoicing and payment​

1. The seller shall provide Timber Base with all sales documents, in particular delivery notes and invoices, without being requested to do so.

2. Timber Base prepares an invoice for the services rendered and provides it to the seller via e-mail.

3. The invoice is due for payment immediately


Berlin, 1st January 2021